CHARLOTTE TAFT  Secretary/Administrative Assistant

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For over thirty years I had the best job on the planet.  Teaching predominately at-risk children was both challenging and rewarding.  Then it happened.   Just like everyone remembers what they were doing on September 11,  I remember I had just left the theater when my phone whistled and I got the message.  Kelly was on his way to UC Davis for Maleree.  What???  The next several months were a roller-coaster of emotions.  Not cancer!!  Not the renegade cells that took my husband’s life a few years earlier!!  NO!!!  Then I watched Kelly being supported by hundreds of people.  It was an amazing thing to see and it all gave way to the foundation.  Now that I've retired I can devote more time to the things that are really important in life: following Jesus, our two boys Jonathan and Michael, our grandson Colton John and the Foundation. 


This is for you John