Elizabeth's Story

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- from Elizabeth's Mommy

We started to notice Elizabeth had left side weakness when she began walking around 11 months old. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy around 1 year and 5 months. They were sure of this diagnosis. Elizabeth didn't receive an MRI because they believed her cerebral palsy wouldn't show up until at least two years old. We didn't stop there. As a mother I knew it was something more.  We took her to two different hospitals and got many more diagnoses. We got a doctor to order an MRI March 22 of 2019. The MRI showed a mass in the thalamus of her brain. April 2nd of 2019 Elizabeth went in for surgery to get a biopsy of the mass. They diagnosed her with a Ganglioglioma. We talked about options for her treatment. Surgery is not an option because of the location; it could paralyze her if they tried to remove it. May 3rd 2019 Elizabeth had her port placement surgery and on May 16th 2019 was her first round of chemotherapy. She has treatments every week.