Izzy's Story

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Izzy girls can do it all.jpeg

-from Izzy's mom

At barely three years of age, Izzy went through almost 2 months of bad leg pain, fevers, weight loss, ER visits and "interesting" lab reports until she was finally diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma on April 13, 2018.  Her cancer was only in her bones, so fortunately she did not have to have surgery or radiation. She handled her 8 rounds of chemo including 2 rounds of chemo including 2 rounds of high dose chemo/stem cell transplants like a true princess warrior and on January 7, 2019 we found out she was in remission!


While waiting to start the next part of her treatment plan, immunotherapy, Izzy's kidneys started to slowly fail. This landed her in the hospital again for 49 days.  During those 49 days, she had heart surgery, seizures, was medically sedated for 17 days, started dialysis, extubated herself with no hands and had to go through therapy to fully walk again. She completed almost 4  months of dialysis when her kidneys started to recover and she has now been off of dialysis for 7 months.  During this time, she started immunotherapy and was about to complete her last round and be done with treatment when we found out Izzy relapsed on November 18, 2019. We quickly started more chemo treatment along with more immunotherapy treatment and we found out on January 22, 2020 that Izzy is back in remission. 

UPDATE: Soon Izzy will be starting her 6th, and hopefully last, round of chemo for this second round of treatment. To say she did this all with a smile is an understatement. She has shown us what true strength is and she continues to amaze us each day. She's our hero.