Journey's Story

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-from Mom

Journey was six years old when she began  battling a brain tumor.  Unfortunately, her family just received some mew heartbreaking news.  Journey's tumor has grown from 12mm in March of this year to 16.2mm. She has been suffering migraines, memory loss, speech issues, and motor skill problems.  Her legs and arms tend to get numb and weak at times as well.  Her neurosurgeon and team decided it was best to go forward with a craniotomy to attempt to extract the tumor on November 7th.  This was a very dangerous and risky surgery since her tumor is in the central sulcus of the cerebral cortex, and is attached to the left and right hemispheres of her brain.  Doctors are also looking for the cause of her seizures and her family is still waiting to hear the final results of the surgery and recommended treatment.

UPDATE:  2020 Journey is now two years in remission from her glioneoplasm (low grade glioblastoma) brain tumor. She is still battling with the effects of the tumor and surgery. She still has right side weakness in her leg and arm, frequent migraines, and short and long term memory loss.  She also battles with emotional and some behavioral issues from her tumor and surgery. Journey is a warrior though and won't give up the fight!