KELLY CHAMBERS     Founder/President

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I am Maleree Mae’s Daddy and know what it is like to hear the words “Your child has cancer”.  I went from disbelief to anger, from hope to bargaining, and always the fear.  There was a lot of frustration trying to get answers in the beginning, trying to navigate the medical world, trying to juggle work and the desire to always be with my baby.  It was an amazing feeling to have people pray, give and stand beside me.  I knew then, I wanted to give back.  I wanted to help other parents not feel alone as they struggled with a diagnosis of cancer.  I am a businessman, but my passion is racing.  It became obvious to me that I no longer cared just about winning a race.  Life is now about living in a world filled with cancer and helping ease the pain it causes families.  Racing is now a means to bring awareness and support for our babies, who through no fault of their own, have to fight this huge battle. Every one of them is my SuperHero.

Hug Your Babies!