Krystal's Story

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Krystal Marie was five years old when diagnosed with Stage IV Wilms Tumors. She had her last chemo treatment on June 14, 2018.  There have been complications with tumors growing back in her left lung in November 2019.  Surgery was need to place a chest tube in to drain fluid that was causing severe pain and chemo was prescribed. Another surgery took place in December to clean out the lung and remove the tube since it was unable to drain the fluid. At this point the doctors decided to remove her left lung.  January 2020, three tumors have already grown back in Krystal's left side. She is starting chemo treatments again, hoping to give her time.

UPDATE:  As of 1:30 this morning (April 10, 2020)  Krystal Marie earned her angel wings. No amount of words can explain the lost feeling inside. Krystal you are our hero and so glad to know that you aren't in pain anymore. Rest peacefully in paradise our warrior princess! -from her Mom

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Krystal Marie