MALEREE CHAMBERS     Vice-President

maeree with placque.jpeg

Hi! I am Maleree Mae better known as My Maleree Mae. One of the most important things I've learned about fighting cancer is to never give up. I never worried about anything because I knew I was with family and after everything I've been given I feel like I can't give enough back. It may be hard fighting cancer but I want you to know you're not doing it alone!  Working on the Foundation is really fun! Not only do I get to help kids feel better but I also make lots and lots of friends. I love going all over the country. It's like me and my Dad's vacation!!  One of my favorite things to do is to help people even before the foundation. I remember at the beginning of all this, I found a marble my friend said I could keep. The next day at school I realized I didn't really need the marble so I looked for someone sad. Once I found a girl, I gave her the marble and said, "I hope you feel better and have a good day." We have helped so many families and I can't wait to help soooo many more!