Paislee's Story

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After being sent to UC Davis in CA her family received news in April 2015 when Paislee was just 2 years old. The MRI showed a tumor in the center of her brain. It is touching her pituitary gland and brain stem. After a biopsy, it was determined it is cancer called Juvenile Pilocylic Astrocytoma (JPA) and cannot be removed.  Because she was only 26 lbs doctors decided weekly chemo treatments for 18 months would be the best option with MRI scans every 3 months.  After 10 weeks the tumor showed no signs of growth, and although it had devastating effects she eventually recovered. But on October 2017, her MRI showed growth in all directions.  Once again, 6 year old Paislee had surgery to install a port and has started weekly chemo for the next 12-18 months.

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