Ryder's Story

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- from Ryder's Mom and her gofundme site

December 2019:  Ryder was very ill with a swollen spleen.  We had an MRI and they said they found cancer.  She was rushed that night to the cancer center. She is so beyond brave. Chemo was so hard on her little body, with nerve pain in her legs, mouth sores and nausea.  Losing her hair was so hard on her.  Because this is a high risk lymphoma, treatment needed to be intense.

March 2020:  After a very intense time at the hospital again, Ryder and Mom were able to return to their home.  Ryder underwent tests and swabs and transfusions of blood and platelets to try and find out why she was so very, very ill and in great pain. Her tests returned negative but the transfusions brought her positive and good numbers up again, allowing her a brief respite at her own home until she begins the radiation treatments. For now the chemotherapy is being halted because her tiny, fragile body cannot endure any more.

The long-term effects of the radiation and the chemotherapy on Ryder we won't know until later, but they can do much harm. There is no choice through, Ryder's cancer had to be addressed aggressively and intensely in order to stop the cancer. The mass inside Ryder's darling little chest is a very serious things that has to be attended to and diminished in order to give her a real fighting chance against this cancer. It's situated between her heart and her lungs, pressing on both of them.

May 24 2020. Ryder is done with radiation and chemo.  We are cancer free!!

UPDATE: September 2020 new cancer growth was detected.