Why a Foundation?

The birth of an idea is a powerful thing.  When 6 year old Maleree was first diagnosed with brain cancer, time stood still.  Fear set in.  The world changed.  Her Daddy, Kelly Chambers, basically walked away from his muffler shop that he owned and operated for the past 25 years, to be with his little girl.  But Maleree's Daddy is also known as KrazyKelly, a street racer from way back, so people all across the country responded to a Go Fund Me set up by a friend.  As helpful and essential as the donations were, the emotional support received was phenomenal.  He was not alone!!

So many thoughts.  What about other families not so fortunate?  Who would help them?  Could it possibly be, through all this pain, there could be something good? Right before surgery, when asked by her Daddy what she wanted to be when she grew up, Maleree said, "I want to be a good person."  An idea came. Work began.

Within days Kelly spent nearly every waking moment planning events to help three children battling cancer.  Not the recommended way to start.  He was hoping to find one child.  But how do you say no?  He couldn't.  Even when he heard about a fourth, a local child, needing help before he was even ready to launch the foundation.  But time does not wait for these babies when they are in the fight of their lives.


August 2016 the My Maleree Mae Foundation was incorporated

We gained non profit status June 7, 2017

UPDATE:  When the devastating Paradise Camp Fire hit November 8, 2018 Kelly and Maleree lost everything.  Their whole town, apartment, two businesses, 27 vehicles including his beloved 57. Most of it not covered by insurance. They escaped the fire together with their truck, the Prom Queen and the clothes on their back. But this did not compare to the news of Maleree getting brain cancer.  What was lost was just "stuff". They were thankful for their lives and one race car to help keep the foundation going. Within days, they continued to plan the next event "Christmas Miracle" to help three children still battling cancer.

Thank you Carl Boling for the video

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We are a 501(c)3 Tax Exempt Corporation


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