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Thank you! Thank you! to Brittany and Shawn!  Even though you are two of the krazy busiest people we have ever met, you always make time for us!!     You've paid the insurance for one of our events, gave us thousands and thousands of dollars in gas cards so we could travel across the country to raise money for kids, supported Kelly and Maleree after the campfire destroyed everything they had, purchased tables and cakes for our comedy/magic/dinner shows for Avalynn and Crimson,  rented a hall for our event for little Otto and took care of the whole spaghetti feed, paid for any and all event advertising, and personally hooked us up with the right people for upcoming events, plus much more!!    You are just always, always stepping up to the front with your support and encouragement.  You mean the world to us!!


 THANK YOU for Being There for Us Time and Time Again!!

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