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We are so privileged to know this family! Tim & Stacei, Rodger & Stephanie Trevor & Mandi and their wonderful parents Terri and Larry.  For several years now, they have been involved in our racing events and have helped us raise a LOT of money!  It's a cool thing indeed to see brothers race, even making the long trip from Cali to Tucson for our biggest event to raise money for seven children battling cancer. Thank you for THAT!! But their support even goes beyond.  They have purchased tables and attended our comedy/magic/dinner shows for our little SuperHeroes, helped with a comedy show in Visalia, donated Chronic for raffles, shared our event posters on their facebook pages and made videos of events.  When Kelly and Maleree were struggling with the after effects of the CampFire, even their Mom got involved and created a go fund me page to give much needed help.  One AWESOME All American family here!!


THANK YOU!!!  We are sooo Appreciative of Everything You Have Done! 

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