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Dave & Shawn from Transmission Specialist in Lancaster CA go far beyond the typical business owners!    They support us in So Many Ways by sending bicycles and gifts for kids at our events, purchasing tickets for events they can't attend, always buying raffle tickets. If racers couldn't afford the entry fee for one of our races for kids fighting cancer, Dave & Shawn stepped in.  During our NOFA cross country tour to Memphis and Oklahoma, they built a transmission out of their pocket just to keep the 57 going. When a transmission was stolen out of the back of Kelly's truck while at a foundation race in Medford, they ????  Not only have they been extremely gracious to Kelly and Maleree but numerous times they have helped No One Fights Alone Team racers with their transmissions. 


 Sooo THANKFUL for Your Incredible Generosity to US!!! 

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