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Justin & Jody Goodlett / Divebombers

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Justin is the owner of our home track Medford Dragstrip.  Since the initial days of his ownership, he has been a strong supporter of our foundation.  He has been generous with his time, listening to fundraising ideas, helping to execute them, taking care of radio advertising, and going out of his way to make events a success - not only for the children fighting cancer, but for the racers and spectators as well.  His staff has also been a pleasure to work with on every occasion.  Never have we encountered a track owner who has been so supportive and willing to do pretty much Anything and Everything for these babies.  And somewhere along the way Kelly was lucky enough to gain a friendship out of the deal. On top of all this is their local racing group The Divebombers who are Always Supporting us by racing and making Very Cool videos of our events.  We are spoiled!!


 THANK YOU doesn't seem quite enough for all you've done!

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