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Two OG's On A Friday Nite

by Jeremy Patterson| July 28, 2017

West coast head hunter Krazy Kelly has been a legend on the streets of California for quite some time, but everybody knows if you want to truly make a name for yourself on the national level, all roads lead to Oklahoma City. With a new transmission bolted to the boosted powerplant in his gorgeous 1957 Chevy, Kelly loaded up and made the trek east to the 405, where he was greeted by none other than Big Chief himself.

With the ’57 loaded for bear, Kelly lined up alongside the new-look Crow for a little GM cross-brand throwdown. Both cars rolled through the specially formulated traction compound and laid down their burnouts, putting a nice fresh coating of rubber down on the roadway, which we’d like to point out is neither blocked off or covered with camera crews. After backing up carefully into their hot, sticky tracks, both cars ease forward to the starting line.

Once Chief and Kelly are lined up on the starting line, the starter takes the most leisurely stroll back to launch the race, then hesitates a moment before finally hitting the light. Krazy Kelly was on top of his game and drilled Big Chief on the launch, but the huge holeshot proved for naught almost immediately. Early in the run, the ’57 began to shake the tires violently and slid over directly in front of The Crow, prompting both drivers to roll out of the throttle and roll to the finish line. Kelly may have gotten there first, but by crossing the centerline, he forfeited the race, thereby handing the win to Big Chief. This should have been a great race and we’re willing to bet there is a rematch before too much longer that will be a much better race. Props to Kelly for loading up and heading halfway across the country and props to Chief for meeting him in the street and throwing down like the badass dude he is!

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